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by Sarah Kosar

Hail Mum, full of life. We are with thee.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy body.


Tiffany's mum got hit by a Birdseye truck on the M25. There’s family to call and a coffin to order, but first she has to talk to her dad – and for some reason that's the toughest thing on her to-do list.


Meanwhile, an oozing paper bag on the doorstep holds a dying wish that will either bring daughter and father together, or drive them further apart.


In her surreal new play about grief, parenting and alternative meat, Sarah Kosar (Spaghetti Ocean, Royal Court Live Lunch) asks how we can be pushed by love and obligation.

   Production Team

Writer   Sarah Kosar

Director   Tommo Fowler

Designer   Charlotte Henery

Lighting Designer   Robbie Butler

Sound Designer   Ódinn Örn Hilmarsson

Video Designer   Fed

Fight Director   Ailin Conant

Stage Manager   Shannon Martin

Producer   Hannah Eugénie Tookey

June – July 2017
Old Red Lion Theatre

Mumburger was first staged at The Archivist's Gallery, Haggerston (July 2016). Click HERE for information.

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