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18 Feb 2019


I'm equal parts humbled and thrilled to be part of the JMK Award Longlist. It's a properly fantastic group of directors, and I can genuinely say that I'll be really excited to see the winning play – whichever one it is – be performed at the Orange Tree in Autumn.

23 Sep 2018


Raring to get back to work at Oxford School of Drama, directing Phyllis Nagy's 1995 play The Strip. It's a bizarre and hilarious piece, whilst simultaneously being one of the most devastating portraits of loneliness and self-deception I've come across. We've got a huge challenge ahead of us to bring it to life in all its spectacularly theatrical glory, and I couldn't be more excited to start.

24 Jul 2018


After a year or so of ad hoc work for the Literary Department at the Royal Court, I couldn't be happier now to be a reader there.

The Court is at the forefront of new writing in the UK – and almost certainly Europe too, probably the world – so I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

06 May 2018


On Monday 14th and 21st, I'll be directing my first short play in ages: The Hyperviolent King of the Universe, written by Matt Parvin (Jam) for the very brilliant Pint-Sized, and starring Jasmine Hyde, Dominic Jones & Tom Slatter.

The performance on the 14th is already sold out, but a few tickets left for the 21st – and if you don't make it, an early version of the piece was published by Litro Magazine to coincide with the opening of Jam last year.

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